Friday, August 19, 2016

"Hen Party" round robin friendship cross stitch pattern by StitchyFish Designs

A round robin friendship cross stitch pattern!

So who doesn't like a "Hen Party!" But there is something a little special about our stitchy, hen party. This beauty was designed for you to use in a 'Round Robin'.  

How a round robin works;
1) You choose yourself & 8 friends to participate. Make a list .
2) You stitch everything except the hens, this provides the layout for everyone.
3) Next send the piece with with names, addresses the pattern & floss in manilla envelope to the first friend on your list.(or let friend choose their own floss) 
4) That friends stitches the first hens with her first & last initial on it, when finished they send it on to the next friend on your list.
5) When the hens a have made their rounds the 8th person will send it back to you and you will finish it off by stitching your final hen with your own intials.
And now your hen house is full.

A lovely way to celebrat friendship, This pattern is adjustable so you can add hens and make your hen house as large as you like.

Available for instant download NOW...let's get this party started!

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